The Bros Bogaardt Bio

BILL BOGAARDT is the Founder of the Brothers Bogaardt and started his musical career as a teenager performing in coffeehouses, school performances, as well as appearing at special concerts, and radio & television shows.  He also joined musical theatre groups and performed in many stage productions throughout the Province of Alberta, while continuing his solo performances. Bill started writing his own original material, which he performed at special venues. 

The Bogaardt family, originally lived in Java, Indonesia, formerly known as the Dutch East Indies. When the Japanese invaded Java, Ben, Bill and their Mother were placed in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp, where they were starved, beaten, threatened and isolated from the rest of the world. Hunger, disease and no medical treatments were the order of the day. They barely survived  4 1/2 years of the POW camps in Tjimahie and Tjideng under the worst conditions imaginable.

Their Father was sent to Japan, and was forced into slave labour in an underground coal mine. He too, was tortured, beaten regularly, starved and many times faced "mock" executions by the Japs.  Their father only survived the war because of the dropping of the Atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The family, miraculously survived the war, and returned to the Netherlands prior to immigrating to Canada,  where they settled in Edmonton, Alberta. The love of music, inherited from their father, became Bill's passion and soon the other siblings, discovered their natural passion for music as well.

When the oldest brother Ben, arrived in Canada, after serving in the Dutch Navy, as a marine, Bill urged Ben to join him and soon they began their musical appearances as a duo. They travelled all across Canada, as far east as Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and during their travels met with Canadian icon, Gordon Lightfoot.  

Ben & Bill were asked  to perform on National Television for the CBC in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as guests of the popular Miriam Breitman show, which was extremely well received.  This led to more performances in Edmonton, where they were asked to appear on a number of different venues including the Tommy Banks show on CBC TV, CFRN Television as well as Radio & Television shows  in Calgary and Red Deer. They did many appearances for the Calgary Stampede, and appeared in many clubs, and festivals.

As their career blossomed, they started to prepare their younger siblings, Rick and Archie to join them, and become involved in their musical endeavors as a group and after several years of preparation, the Brothers Bogaardt were born. The brothers were in much demand as a popular musical group and entertained regularly at the Mayfair Hotel in Edmonton  and other top clubs, cabarets and outdoor festivals such as Edmonton's annual Klondike Days celebrations. 

Their performances caught the eye of film producers, (Bill Marsden and Ken Jubenvill), and soon they were asked to write original music for a documentary film. Once the original music was written by Bill and Ben, they travelled to Nashville, Tennessee, to record the film score for "Alberta on the Northside".  This documentary ended up winning the Gold Camera Award in Chicago, Illinois, in a competition with 600 submissions from around the world. In the words of the Executive Producer, C.N. Ross; " the original music written by Bill and Ben Bogaardt was instrumental in this documentary winning the Gold Camera Award". 

The Brothers Bogaardt continued to tour and their  travels took them across Canada,  a number of places in the US, as well as being featured in a European tour where they were guest performers at the International Flower show in Amsterdam.

While in the Netherlands, they also entertained for the Maastricht Choir, and performed for the Canadian forces in Lahr, Germany, where they received 10 standing ovations.

After years of performing on the road, the brothers re-located to the Okanagan Valley in BC, where they settled down to raise their families. 

In 2006, they released a CD in entitled: "Brother to Brother", which involved the brothers who all participated in the writing of 10 original songs for this project. 

Their instrumentation consisted of Ben on 12 string guitar, Bill on Acoustic guitar, Rick on Bass and Archie on the drums. Justin Glibbery performed on piano & keyboards.

All brothers sang lead in the selections of the CD. They also created their own harmonies in their back-up vocals, which are  featured throughout the various songs on this CD. 

Unfortunately, this was the last time that all the brothers were able to record together, since Ben passed away in 2009, after a lengthy battle with cancer.

During that same year, their mother, Alida Louise Bogaardt, also passed on. 

Greatly affected by the passing of  their oldest brother Ben, who was an integral part of the group, and their Mother, Bill, Rick and Archie decided to step back for a while  and chose not to be involved in music.  They took a break, which lasted for 5 years.

However, in the fall of 2015, Bill, Rick and Archie re-kindled their passion for music and re-united once again. They started  recording in their studio at Songsearch Music Int. Co. Ltd., in Penticton, BC., with the result that they have just completed 3 brand new singles, which will be released on July 30th., 2016.

The releases will be distributed thoughout the world for digital downloads through CDBABY.COM.

Current releases are entitled: "GIVE US FREEDOM", "AND YOU'LL BE MINE" , as well as; "YOU ARE MY ESSENCE OF LIFE". All  current songs were written by Bill and also features a repeat performance by guest artist, Justin Glibbery, accomplished Pianist and Music Educator in Penticton. As well, Kyle Haynes, one of the best lead guitarists in Western Canada, provides his arrangements on lead guitar. Kyle performs regularly in many venues around BC.

Further releases by the Brothers Bogaardt are scheduled throughout 2016.