Justin Glibbery,  a well-known and well-respected musician,  composer and music educator performs magic on piano and keyboards,  and has performed in numerous venues in BC and Alberta. 

In collaboration with Bill Bogaardt, Justin was part of the Brothers Bogaardt CD, entitled Brother to Brother produced in 2006.

For a closer look at the brilliance of this well-rounded musician and a well-rounded human being, click on his name above, and see why Bill Bogaardt & the Brothers Bogaardt appreciate his talents and his professional "down-to-earth" contribution in their original music, produced in the spring of 2016, and is part of the album entitled: "UNFINISHED BUSINESS".


 Kyle Haynes is a young "rocker" popular in Kelowna, BC, but whose musical talents far exceed his young age.  From working with Bill Bogaardt on a Summer show, at the Sicamous Sternwheeler in Penticton, Bill & Kyle, as well as Justin Glibbery discovered and collaborated in producing a young country/pop artist by the name of Nikita Afonso. Bill Bogaardt produced her CD entitled "Nikita Afonso".

Kyle's experience, passion and his level-headed approach to creating music has seen him tour with many artists across Western Canada. 

Bill & the Brothers Bogaardt, are grateful for the talents of Kyle Haynes, whom Bill considers to be one of the best guitarists in Western Canada. 

For an in-depth look at Kyle Haynes and the music he performs, click on his name above and tell him "Bill" sent you. 

"THANKS for all your input Kyle, we appreciate your talents, especially on the song, "You are My Essence of Life", which has been in production for many, many years, and is so close to my heart".