Brother to Brother

by The Brothers Bogaardt

Released 2005
Song Search Music Int. Co. Ltd.
Released 2005
Song Search Music Int. Co. Ltd.
Singer/Songwriters' stories in contemporary Pop genre. .
"The Brothers Bogaardt have been a part of the Canadian music scene for many years, and are seasoned performers, musicians, vocalists and creative songwriters.

With their unique style, the four brothers, Ben, Bill, Rick and Archie have recorded their own original songs, featured in this CD release, entitled: "Brother to Brother".

This CD contains 10 original songs, written, arranged, performed, sung and produced by the four brothers.

Born by Dutch parents, who lived in Indonesia, the former Dutch East Indies, the Brothers Bogaardt were born and raised on Java.
They also lived in the Netherlands for a short time, before immigrating to Canada.

All four brothers contributed to the writing, arranging, performing as musicians, or as a featured vocalist in each of the songs produced in this CD, while also participating in providing the back-up vocal harmonies on the different tracks.

This CD features each brother's different style of music, while at the same time demonstrating the individuality of their inner thoughts, and, ultimately bringing it all together as a family, known as, The Brothers Bogaardt.

Sadly, the oldest brother, Ben passed away, after this CD was completed, making this album very special, since the next releases will not be available with the original four brothers.

Re-kindling their passion for music, and carrying on the family legacy, the year 2016 will see a number of new releases produced by Bill, Rick and Archie.

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