"Unfinished Business" 2016

by Bill Bogaardt & the Brothers Bogaardt

Released 2016
Songsearch Music International Co. Ltd.
Released 2016
Songsearch Music International Co. Ltd.
Melodic music that will stir up emotions for both young and old; from love stories to up-town funk with vocal harmonies, that the Brothers Bogaardt are well-known for.
  • 04:08 Story Lyrics
    And You'll Be Mine

    "AND YOU'LL BE MINE" - Copyright 10-17-1972 - Words & Music written by: W.A.(Bill) Bogaardt

    Verse:      We'll be together again 

                    When Spring melts into Summer 

                    I'll go for awhile 

                    Till Fall returns our dreams 

                    But in the meantime my love 

                    I'll think of you in the Summerwind

                    And I'll work till my throat

                    Is parched by the Sun

    Chorus:   'Cause I see hope in every dewdrop

                    And the Sun will warmer shine

                    And melt away the multicolored raindrops

                    I'll send for you....

                    And you'll be mine.

    Bridge:    When that airplane door shuts behind me 

                   And this Jet soars through the sky 

                   I can feel your sad surrender 

                   At the time we said goodbye

    Verse:     I long for your touch ..if I could only 

                   Embrace you again...under warm summer skies 

                   And when I return... you'll no longer be lonely 

                   'Cause I will never again ..have to say goodbye

    Verse:     I'll work hard while I'm gone ..and my promise tomorrow

                   Is to build us a home...while you wait for my call 

                   My feelings of love...will conquer your sorrow 

                   Our love will shine through ...for once and for all 

    Chorus:  'Cause I see hope in every dewdrop 

                   And the Sun will warmer shine

                   And melt away the multicolored raindrops 

                   I'll send for you.. and you'll be mine 

                   I'll send for you ...and you'll be mine





  • 03:52 Story Lyrics
    Give Us Freedom

    GIVE US FREEDOM - COPYRIGHT FEB 2016- Words & Music written by: W.A.(Bill) BOGAARDT

    Verse 1:  It gives me heartbreak

                  To see your soul shake 

          Can't seem to reach my goal 

          To find a kind man's soul

          That's what I'm looking for 

          A Life of so much more 

          Life is outstanding ...your understanding

    Chorus:   Give us Freedom ...

                   My Lord  Freedom

                   Little bit of Freedom

                   And we'll suffer no more.

      Verse:   You've got to let it go 

                   It's in your soul to know

                   Find peace within you..if you want it to 

                   So let your heart cry out

                   You can shout it loud

                   I feel the heat from here

                   Let violence dissapear

    Chorus:   Give us Freedom...

                   My Lord Freedom 

                   Little bit of Freedom

                   And we'll suffer no more

    Verse:      We can walk the walk

                   And we can talk the talk

                   I gotta find it soon

                   Gotta change our tune

                   Live in Harmony

                   And we can all be free

                   What will come our way 

                   When we shout and say

    Chorus:    Give us Freedom 

                  My Lord Freedom 

                  Little bit of Freedom 

                 And we'll suffer no more

    Verse:   We know disaster 

                by going faster

                what will become of man 

                what is your master plan 

                I fear the Hurricanes...

                Can't seem to stop the rains

                Please give us one more chance

                Please give us one more dance

    Chorus: Give us Freedom

                My Lord Freedom

                A little bit of Freedom 

                And we'll suffer no more

    Bridge: Show me the way....Hey...Hey ...Hey

                I'm hurting' today...Hey..Hey..Hey

                What can I say ..Hey..Hey ..Hey

                Show me the way...Hey..Hey..Hey


    Verse:   Can't seem to find a friend 

                Who wants to lend a hand

                I'll find your vision

                Follow your mission

                I gotta try again..you...just tell me when 

                This time I will be real...and I will seal the deal

    Chorus: Give us Freedom

                My Lord Freedom 

                Little bit of Freedom 

                And we'll suffer no more

                Give me Freedom ..Find the Freedom

                Gotta have the Freedom

                My Lord Freedom 

               & Fade






  • 03:56 Story Lyrics
    You Are My Essence of Life

    "YOU ARE MY ESSENCE OF LIFE" - Words & Music by: W.A.(Bill) Bogaardt- Copryight 09-15-2004

     Verse:      Sometimes I wonder how you are 

                      When I see you're down and out

                      I've never felt a doubt

                      Just how truly great you are

    Chorus:     'Cause you are...my essence of life

                      Yes..you are..the love..the love of my mind

                      You've caused my Sun to shine

                      And the rains now taste like wine

                      I would walk a thousand miles

                      To feel that magic...that magic of your smile

                      Your essence fills my mind

                      And I know...I'll never find

                      A love as true as you

                      'Cause there's no-one..no-one quite like you

    Verse:        Well you know it feels so right

                      Whispering secrets in the night 

                      Our trembling' lips on fire 

                      Tastin' dreams of our desire

    Chorus:     'Cause you are my essence of Life 

                      Yes ..you are.. the love...the love of my mind 

                      I know we'll touch the clouds 

                      When our love reaches new heights 

                      You'll never..ever..cast a doubt 

                      After such lovin'...fills our night 

                      In the Oceans of my soul

                      You're the essence of my life 

                      Just come and walk with me 

                      And share the rest of my life 

                      Just come and walk with me 

                      And share the rest of my life


  • 04:27 Story Lyrics
    One Word, One Song

    "ONE WORD, ONE SONG" - Copyright 2004-10-14 - Words: Rick Bogaardt - Music: Ben Bogaardt

    Verse:         One Word, One Song

                      Our Love will be forever

                       One Word, One Song

                       We'll always be together

    Chorus:      I see the passion in your eyes 

                       I hold you tight and watch you sleep

                       Baby...I hope that never dies 

                       Forever mine to keep

                       We'll dance on stars

                       make love on Moons and Mars

                       Our love will be forever

    Verse:        One Word, One Song

                      There'll never be another

                      One Word, One Song

                      Oh Baby...be my lover

    Chorus:     I see the passion in your eyes

                      I hold you tight and watch you sleep

                      Baby..I hope that never dies

                      Forever mine to keep

                      We'll dance on stars,

                      Make love on Moons and Mars

                      Our love will be forever 

     Guitar Solo:

        Chorus: I see the passion in your eyes

                      I hold you tight and watch you sleep

                      Baby.. I hope that never dies

                      Forever mine to keep

                      We'll dance on stars

                      Make love on Moons and Mars

                      Our love will be together

                      Baby I hope that never dies

                      Forever mine to keep

                      We'll dance on stars

                      Make love on Moons and Mars

                      Our love will be together

                      One Word, One Song

                      Be my Lover

                      One Word, One Song

                      Be my lover

         (continues to fade)                         


  • 03:20 Story Lyrics
    One More Road

    "ONE MORE ROAD" - Music by: Ben Bogaardt -  Lyrics by: Bill Bogaardt-Copyright 2014


                       THERE'S ONE MORE TEAR 

                       I WILL LEAVE BEHIND 


                       I'M LOOKIN' FOR

                       A TROUBLE-FREE MIND 


                      THAT I CAN FOLLOW 

                      AS THE SUN AWAKENS MY MIND 


                     LIKE THE SWEET TASTE 

                     OF WHISKEY OR WINE


                     SUCH DIFFERENT COLORS 



                     IT'S THE FREEDOM

                     THAT'S A-COMIN' MY WAY 


                     A FEELIN' I'VE NEVER FELT BEFORE


                      KEEPS ASKIN' ME 

                      FOR MORE AND MORE


                      A DREAM THAT'S BEEN FOLLOWING ME 



                      TO FIND THE FREEDOM.. 

                      THE FREEDOM IN FREE


                     TO FIND THE FREEDOM ..

                     THE FREEDOM IN "FREE"



After the loss of their brother Ben,in 2009, the Brothers Bogaardt were absent from the music scene for about 6 years.
Today, the passion to create new music with new vigor is combined and fused into their current releases, scheduled for July 30th, 2016. Bill plays acoustic guitar, while Archie plays drums & guitar and Rick provides his talents on bass guitar. With modern technology available within their recording platform, the design & musical instrument choices were used to be even more creative than before, and the brothers all collaborated in the arrangements of their material; "with lots of laughs in the studio when we record", states Bill.
Both Rick and Bill worked on the recording, engineering, mixing and editing, while Archie provided advice on designing and structuring their beats. The brothers' combined efforts with their tight harmonies, are unique and refreshing. They recorded at their own recording studio, Songsearch Music International Co. Ltd., in Penticton, BC, CANADA.
The first release entitled : "GIVE US FREEDOM" , features Archie, the youngest of the Bogaardt clan.

In his own style, Archie captures the "up-town" Funk feeling, and spins a dynamic, positive beat "a la Bruno Mars", in this descriptive, soulful reflection of all the things that concern us about the environment, riots, segregation and our future.
Listen for the Lyric "I can feel the heat from here", and you'll soon be groovin' to the beat and thinking about why we need to change our hearts and minds about "what's happening on our planet".

Bill sings lead on "AND YOU'LL BE MINE",which is a fresh and current re-make of his award-winning song, that was written about the Fort MacMurray Oil Sands exploration in the 1970's, in Northern Alberta, Canada. Both Ben & Bill composed the songs in this documentary, entitled "Alberta on the Northside" , which won the Gold Camera award, in Chicago, Illinois. The documentary was credited the Gold Camera award in competition with 600 documentaries from around the world. The Executive producer for the Alberta Government, stated that the film won the award largely due to the original music written by Bill & Ben Bogaardt , which was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.

In recalling his experience, Bill states; "We were so honored to work with Don Tweedy, who wrote all the arrangements for our soundtrack. Don was known for his Emmy award-winning arrangement of "Ode to Billie Jo".
The song, "AND YOU'LL BE MINE", was written about Fort MacMurray, and captures the feeling and emotions of loneliness, separation and the daily sacrifices people make while living under the hard conditions of Canada's North.
"And You'll Be Mine", was re-recorded in February, March and April of 2016,

The timing of releasing this re-make is co-incidental to the devastating forest fires, which engulfed Fort MacMurray in May of 2016, forcing over 80,000 people from their homes and making International Headlines around the world. Today Fort MacMurray is still making news, describing what people are facing from the devastation and destruction, which have ruined and affected many lives. Re-building will soon take place, with many facing more sacrifices.

Bill & his brothers sing, "AND YOU'LL BE MINE" with compassion, and the song reflects that despite separation, sacrifice and re-building, people will rebound. In the lyrics, Bill sings; "I see hope in every dewdrop and the sun will warmer shine, and melt away the mulit-coloured raindrops, I'll send for you, "and you'll be mine".
Bill invited talented musician and music educator Justin Glibbery of Penticton to create the piano stylings during the re-make of the recording, "Justin, puts that special "touch" on the song that makes it come alive and sparkle", states Bill.
"AND YOU'LL BE MINE" as well as the other releases can be purchased through this website on July30th, 2016.

Included in the releases scheduled for 2016, the brothers have also re-mixed and re-written the song called: "YOU ARE MY ESSENCE OF LIFE", which tells of a love story about a relationship that you may have, or have had, with your best friend, your lover and/or your soulmate and reinforces the never-ending love stories between people. In one of the verses Bill sings; "Yes, you are the love, the love of my mind".

With interesting counter-beats, this song, is a re-make from an older version recorded by the brothers, and now has new lyrics and, interesting instrumentation. It features one of the Western Canada's best lead guitarists, Kyle Haynes from Kelowna, B.C., who enhances the overall feel of the song with his intuitive, rock 'n' roll licks, combined with interesting mandolin flavorings, making the song, current and unique.
Justin Glibbery plays the keyboards on this selection and once again brings his musical knowledge, excellent piano performance and tasteful "gems" to "You Are My Essence Of Life".

The Brothers Bogaardt have travelled extensively, and toured throughout Canada, the U.S.A.,as well as being featured on European tours. Their rich family heritage, and detailed performance background information, including reviews, newspaper articles, photos with celebrities and what people have said about them, can be found on their website at HOSTBABY under brothersbogaardt.

The release of the 3 singles entitled: "UNFINISHED BUSINESS", will be available for digital downloads through CD BABY.

Bill states, "We hope that listeners will enjoy our music and allow us to continue producing original creations that inspire us and move us to write about our experiences, people and events that influence our lives, and we humbly thank you and ask for your continued support, so that our fans will share our music in the future".

"We will continue on our musical journey to create a legacy by remembering the support of all our family members, past and present, who continue to spark the passionate fire within us. Our family, our children, grandchildren as well as our loyal fans, inspire us to move forward."
Bill Bogaardt & The Brothers Bogaardt