And You'll Be Mine

Bill Bogaardt
Bill Bogaardt


This Award-winning song has been totally re-written, re-arranged, re-edited, re-mixed and re-mastered. It was recorded in March and April of 2016.  The original song was recorded for a documentary film, which won the Gold Camera award in Chicago, Illinois. (Detailed info can be found in the Brothers Bogaardt BIO page) 

Bill sings lead and his brothers, Rick and Archie sing all the background harmonies.  The song was written about the Northern Alberta lifestyle in Fort MacMurray, which recently faced horrendous and disastrous consequences from an out-of-control forest fire, which caused the evacuation of some 90,000 residents, and left many lives and houses destroyed by the devastation. This fire made headlines around the world.

Bill portrays the sacrifice that people make, their separation from their loved ones, and the hope of rebuilding, which will once again demonstrate the harsh conditions of Canada's North. 


"AND YOU'LL BE MINE" - Copyright 10-17-1972 - Words & Music written by: W.A.(Bill) Bogaardt

Verse:      We'll be together again 

                When Spring melts into Summer 

                I'll go for awhile 

                Till Fall returns our dreams 

                But in the meantime my love 

                I'll think of you in the Summerwind

                And I'll work till my throat

                Is parched by the Sun

Chorus:   'Cause I see hope in every dewdrop

                And the Sun will warmer shine

                And melt away the multicolored raindrops

                I'll send for you....

                And you'll be mine.

Bridge:    When that airplane door shuts behind me 

               And this Jet soars through the sky 

               I can feel your sad surrender 

               At the time we said goodbye

Verse:     I long for your touch ..if I could only 

               Embrace you again...under warm summer skies 

               And when I return... you'll no longer be lonely 

               'Cause I will never again ..have to say goodbye

Verse:     I'll work hard while I'm gone ..and my promise tomorrow

               Is to build us a home...while you wait for my call 

               My feelings of love...will conquer your sorrow 

               Our love will shine through ...for once and for all 

Chorus:  'Cause I see hope in every dewdrop 

               And the Sun will warmer shine

               And melt away the multicolored raindrops 

               I'll send for you.. and you'll be mine 

               I'll send for you ...and you'll be mine