You Are My Essence of Life

Bill Bogaardt
Bill Bogaardt


"YOU ARE MY ESSENCE OF LIFE" -Copyright 09-15-2004 Words & Music written by: W.A.(Bill) Bogaardt

This song was originally recorded in 2005 and released on the Brothers Bogaardt CD entitled: Brother to Brother.

The current version will be re-released on July 30th, 2016.

Bill describes the journey of this project and states;  

"As a writer, and producer of the Brothers Bogaardt CD, the song, in my opinion,  never achieved its full potential, limited by a lack of money or a comfortable budget.  I decided to re-write the words, and change the arrangement to include more modern instruments and change some of the beats". 

"Sometimes one struggles to get the message out, and when you are an island unto yourself,  only you can create new thoughts in your own mind, which then  becomes the battleground  to finalize this song, both in words and the music, which affects the arrangement and instrumentation, the vocals and the emotion".

"Plagued by changing recording applications, engineering skills and continual up-dating in software, which produces its own limitations, this project finally came together after 10 years of re-writes and changes".

"You are my essence of Life", is a love story for people of all generations, and I'm finally satisfied to release this song as it deserves to be heard."

Justin Glibbery's magic on the piano, is augmented by the tasteful rock guitar licks provided by Kyle Haynes, who also doubles on the mandolin.

Bill, Rick & Archie created the background harmonies, in the spring of 2016.


"YOU ARE MY ESSENCE OF LIFE" - Words & Music by: W.A.(Bill) Bogaardt- Copryight 09-15-2004

 Verse:      Sometimes I wonder how you are 

                  When I see you're down and out

                  I've never felt a doubt

                  Just how truly great you are

Chorus:     'Cause you essence of life

         are..the love..the love of my mind

                  You've caused my Sun to shine

                  And the rains now taste like wine

                  I would walk a thousand miles

                  To feel that magic...that magic of your smile

                  Your essence fills my mind

                  And I know...I'll never find

                  A love as true as you

                  'Cause there's quite like you

Verse:        Well you know it feels so right

                  Whispering secrets in the night 

                  Our trembling' lips on fire 

                  Tastin' dreams of our desire

Chorus:     'Cause you are my essence of Life 

                  Yes are.. the love...the love of my mind 

                  I know we'll touch the clouds 

                  When our love reaches new heights 

                  You'll never..ever..cast a doubt 

                  After such lovin'...fills our night 

                  In the Oceans of my soul

                  You're the essence of my life 

                  Just come and walk with me 

                  And share the rest of my life 

                  Just come and walk with me 

                  And share the rest of my life