...The talent we found for "Alberta on the Northside" certainly measured up to our highest expectation, particularly for the music track written by you and your brothers.”

— Ken Jubenvill - President - Jubenvill & Embra Films Limited - Vancouver, B.C. Canada

This is the finest group of musicians ever to entertain here. Their obvious enjoyment while performing, their professional stage presence and their fine performance does them credit.”

— Kenneth F. Heddon-President-Great Canadian Oil Sands - Fort McMurray, Alberta

I want to express on behalf of our Association and the citizens of Edmonton, our sincere thanks to you and your brothers for your groups participation in our Petticoat Pass downtown Mall throughout the full period of Klondike Days..'Although a letter of appreciation isn't customary in the case of musicians hired during Klondike Days, I feel that your group did such an outstanding job that it is certainly warranted.”

— R.M. Chapman-General Manager- Klondike Days, Edmonton, Alberta,

I consider the Bogaardt Brothers to be the most exciting group in Canada today. Their potential should be limitless since they have the unique ability of being able to communicate with audiences of all ages. We have used them for background music in one film, and we are presently working with them on a major production where they will appear visually as well. It is difficult to describe the Brothers Bogaardt in writing and difficult even by recording alone. To appreciate their performance you must see and hear them. I suggest you will find it a memorable experience. ”

— W.D. (Bill) Marsden - Vice-President- Canawest Master Films Ltd. Calgary, Alberta

The original music written and composed by the Brothers Bogaardt, recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, was attributed to the success of "Alberta on the Northside", in attaining the GOLD CAMERA AWARD, in Chicago, Illinois. In the words of Executive Producer, C.N. Ross, "The original music by the Brothers Bogaardt was one of the major contributing factors to the judges' decision in granting the award to "Alberta on The Northside".”

— C.N. Ross - Executive Producer - Alberta Government